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September 14, 2021
As a business owner you’ve ticked all the boxes; a hand-picked team ready to go and a business that’s about to hit the next level. All you need now is to find the perfect office space and to create the perfect custom office fit out to effectively and visually represent you, your brand and motivate your staff into high productivity.This is a decision with a silver lining, it means walking into your office space everyday will be a pleasure. Not only for you, but your clients and staff too.

Image Matters

Good business is about delivering, and when your office fit out reflects the excellence of your brand, both clients and staff can feel confident that as a company, you care about results and user experience. Colours, furnishings, even textures can highlight mood and work productivity which makes for a stress-free working experience.

Our custom office fit out team understand how important a high impact and beautifully sublime work environment is to your overall brand.

Lighting, access to proper seating, private and public space all contribute to ease of movement and concentration levels amongst workers. Studies show that creative work environments promote a higher sense of general wellness amongst staff, and productive team outcomes. If your company is a place where clients need to meet with you or your staff, first impressions mean everything. Depending on the type of service you offer, our creative design team will work with you to express the ambience and energy of your offer through effective and pleasing visual techniques.    

The Vision

Your imagination can lead to wonderful outcomes. For instance, Lego included colourful brick sculptures into their work spaces, Virgin use cockpit designs as offices, and Google even has playground slides to build a sense of fun and creativity. That’s what vision is all about and where the best ideas are born.

When it comes to designing your office space, Vestra is committed to creating your bespoke workspace. Effective fit out design is what we’re about. We want to talk with you and visualise exactly how your perfect office space will look

Our design team love to unearth what motivates you and your team, defining your brand voice and translating that vision into a real, functioning and adaptive workspace that elevates everyone’s desire to be there and work with enthusiasm. If you have trouble pinpointing the look you want, our design team can guide you every step the way for a fantastic result.

Why is Office Fit Out Design Important?

Over time we’ve seen office design trends come and go, and every one of us has had some interaction with various layouts and office interior design, some work, some don’t. From open-plan with glass partitions, to hot desking and communal work spaces, we understand that the options are vast.

Our aim is to apply a custom office fit out that best suits the needs of your business and company culture. There is not a one-size-fits all solution.

People and companies now choose to work in distinctive ways, and office design and the working environment should reflect or even promote the individual qualities of your brand. Think banking; the culture and design of those institutions have evolved hugely over time. A smiling concierge, brightly coloured laminated benches, attractive desks and big comfortable chairs look very different to the generic and uninviting design approaches of the past. The result? User friendly, upbeat spaces where people and staff feel confident to discuss their finances. 

How We Make It Happen 

It all begins with a conversation. We talk to you, assess your shortlisted space and really communicate with you about your brand voice. We are serious about realising our client’s vision, and fulfill that design brief to your standard. Vestra chooses cost effective methods, the right products and an innovative construction approach to effectively create a custom office fit out that will match your business requirements.

Still thinking about installing a playground slide next to the reception desk? Maybe not. But if you need to host large meetings or prefer a space with greenery and organic features, our designers at Vestra will create the best concepts for you.

From Concept to Reality

We have the expertise and experience to walk you through successful workspace planning, office interior design and ultimately your custom office fit out. We understand that an office is a hardworking space where durability and endurance counts, but also has the capability to reflect current trends and maintain a contemporary feel.

Vestra focuses on the following processes to make your project not only successful, but also offer a strong visual result. Our whole project management package includes:

  • Office analysis
  • Site visits
  • Timeline and budget projections
  • Development and consultancy
  • Sketch plans and 3D drawings
  • CDC and building approvals
  • Furniture fixtures and fittings
  • AV tech and electrical data

We streamline these proven strategies into realistic timeframes and deliver to a deadline. Our company is very aware that business must go on and remain profitable, so Vestra works with you to ensure that your project comes together seamlessly.

Vestra is committed to creating inspiring and comfortable work environments to enhance productivity and a positive ambience. Contact us to arrange a consultation, we’re ready to design your concept.


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