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It is extremely important to be able to visualise the final outcome of an office layout design project. Vestra prioritises this by working with our clients to create sketch plans and technologically advanced 3D drawings. In doing this, we can help our clients see the final office layout design, which allows them to make necessary changes and/or additions. Our dedicated conceptual design team provides you with comprehensive sketch plans and 3D drawings to help you in your design choices.

Trusted Conceptual Design Services

With years of experience in the industry, we know the standards of which our clients expect. In order for you to get the best idea of what the final design will look and feel like, the team at Vestra provides the best 3D drawings and sketch plans for your office layout design. We use the latest technology in 3D drawings and printing, as well as providing renders, finishes and mood boards to encapsulate every aspect of the final design.

Advantage of Visualising Your Office Layout Design

Office layouts, sketch plans and drawings are required for all new commercial interior design projects. At Vestra, we provide a conceptual design to each of our clients, so you can effectively visualise the final layout and make appropriate changes. By working collaboratively with our clients, we create a conceptual visual design that can be altered as need be. If, for example, our client requires a space to fit 30 employees, 3 conference rooms, multiple offices and a communal space, we can create a layout through 3D rendering. We are then able to technically introduce model employees, to see if the space is large enough for all of them and ensure that the flow of the space works. We are then able to make the necessary changes in order to create the ideal office layout design that provides a seamless and effective working environment. 

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We collaborate with you to create a strategic commercial interior plan that complements your organisation exactly.


We will distil a design that fits you just right, including all furniture, fixtures and equipment.


We’ll smoothly craft your commercial interior fitout in accordance with your budget and schedule.


We continue to support you by providing ongoing churn works as needed – no job too large or small.

Collaborating with Our Clients

We make a conscious effort to work in a collaborative manner with every one of our clients. We create the architectural plans, construction drawings and other technical drawings with the help and assistance of our clients. This ensures that the final product is as close to the client’s ideal vision as possible.

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