It’s business, and it’s personal: Flexible office design and personal space ideas

July 12, 2022
The rise of shared spaces, hybrid working and hot desking mean designated desks and offices are no longer guaranteed. However, workers still value private, secure spaces to keep personal items. Fortunately, there are plenty of flexible office design options to offer personal space.

Snacks, gym gear, electronics, medical equipment and even family photos, there are plenty of things people need at work that they don’t want to carry on their commute. It’s a small but important consideration that can make a big difference to staff.

Do your workers have the personal space they need? If not, what can be done about it? If you have a hybrid workforce, it may be time to get creative about storage and flexible office design so that all workers, full-time or part-time, have somewhere to store their possessions. 

Why is office storage important? 

Storage can play a big role in the happiness of a workforce, and many office workers are desperate for their own space in the office. Sapio Research1 studied 1000 office workers and 50 facilities management experts and identified that:

“To achieve true ‘wellness’ attention to every component that can impact mental and physical health needs to be considered, from building structures and company cultures through to the furniture and fittings that employees require to work efficiently and effectively.” 

Storage issues such as messy desks, hunting for stationery and smelly sport gear and food featured in the top 15 disruptors. 

There are many benefits of having personal storage in your office design:

Less clutter improves productivity and aesthetics

Having a clear desk and a tidy work environment helps people to be more organised and not get so easily distracted. Adequate storage helps keep your office space neat and tidy, projecting a more professional image. Having less clutter makes it easier to clean surfaces and reduces trip hazards.  

Optimise use of space and flexibility

If you are looking to maximise your small office space, providing lockers or tote boxes for your team rather than giving everyone their own desk is a great way to optimise on space. 

If your workers are in at different times, you may want to consider hot lockers rather than a designated locker for each staff member, or a mix of designated lockers and unassigned lockers that can be booked as needed. 

A bank of lockers can also be a great way to separate work areas, create visual barriers and encourage more interaction between people from different teams. A caddy on wheels is very versatile and can often fit under a desk or be used as a space divider, or custom built shelving can maximise space and storage. 

At Vestra, we regularly use low-level partitions, which can double as storage units with sleek hidden drawers so you won’t feel closed in.

Security, privacy and personal space

Whether for laptops or emergency chocolate, lockable storage gives workers peace of mind that their valuable possessions are safe and out of sight, and prevent accusations of items going missing. It also helps with privacy for confidential documents like contracts, passports or medical information. Storing items such as gym bags or running shoes in lockers also helps with containing any odours.

By giving people a space that is just their own, individual lockers give people a sense of belonging and control, especially for workers who don’t have their own permanent desks. To create an even stronger feeling of belonging, you can encourage people to personalise their lockers to really make them their own.

Flexible office design and personal space options

From lockers with graphics on the front, lockable cabinets, pedestals and floating shelves to cubby holes, storage boxes, vertical filing cabinets and credenzas, there are plenty of storage options to meets the needs of your business. 

If the storage solutions will be lockable, you’ll need to decide on the best way to access them such as keys, QR codes, keypad or RFID access. 

A good commercial fitout company will be able to brainstorm different options with you and together you can work out the best solution for your business.

Let’s make your work space more personal 

Whether you are planning a new office fitout and are considering your storage needs as part of this process, or your current storage space isn’t working and needs an overhaul we’d love to work with you to create a flexible office design that complements your organisation perfectly. 

With an integrated service from concept and design to project management and construction, Vestra has become known for designing and fitting out of premium commercial interiors in and around Sydney’s CBD.

If you would like to discuss storage options for your office or have any questions about our office fit out process, get in touch today and we’d love to arrange a no-obligation consultation. 


  1. Sapio Research. Wellness Together.


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