4 Tips for a Commercial Fitout Sydney 

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July 13, 2023

4 Tips for Commercial Fitouts Sydney Businesses Should Consider

A new office fit out is an exciting opportunity to transform the place you work for the benefit of all staff members. It’s a chance to create a space that maximises productivity and brings the best out of people by fostering an environment where people feel happy and want to be there.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed managing the planning, design and execution of the process, however. To help, here are 4 tips from the experienced team at Vestra on what to consider during new commercial office fit outs in Sydney.

Champion Your Brand

Remember that your office is more than just a workspace for employees, it’s a space to champion your brand for both your team as well as any clients, partners and other stakeholders who visit the space. Don’t be afraid of incorporating your branding into your commercial interior design, from colour schemes to logos.

Prominent, aesthetically designed logos such as wooden lettering on a vertical garden or digital signage reinforcing brand messaging or showcasing previous projects. This internally strengthens the clarity around your brand mission while impressing investors, partners and clients. At the same time, it makes your office space look and feel uniquely like your business.

Sustainable Design 

Incorporating sustainable commercial interior design is great for the environment while also helping to improve employee morale, reduce business costs, boost your brand and attract top talent. Integrating sustainability into your commercial fitout can range from including indoor plants and maximising natural light through to using recycled and sustainable materials in the construction of the space.

Future-Minded Design 

Taking advantage of new technology like cloud storage, SaaS and high-speed wi-fi is essential for any modern workplace, but future-minded design is about more than just having the latest technology. It’s about creating forward-thinking, functional spaces that encourage collaboration and productive work with a positive atmosphere that empowers all staff.

Some of the ways to achieve this includes adding ergonomic sit/stand desks and creating different zoned spaces for both focused, quiet work as well as communal areas for spontaneous collaboration. Think about the current and future goals of your business and approach your commercial fitout accordingly.

Invest in Employee Wellbeing

A healthy, happy workplace means better outcomes for your business. You can improve employee wellbeing using your new office fit out with considered, strategic design. For example:

  • Using materials and creating layouts that reduce noise in open plan designs.
  • Reducing stress by including lounge or rest areas where staff can enjoy their breaks.
  • Designing layouts to encourage incidental activity and movement, reducing the amount of time staff spend sitting in one spot.
  • Reducing the amount of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in building materials like carpet and paint and introducing other design elements like indoor plants and air purification systems to curb the impact of VOCs.

Designing offices to support employee health and wellbeing makes your office a more enjoyable and productive space with less sickness and absenteeism.

Premium Commercial Office Fit Outs in Sydney

Vestra are the experts in commercial fitouts Sydney organisations can depend on for tailored designs and efficiently executed builds. Browse our range of commercial interior design projects or contact our team today to get started on your new office fit out.





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