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September 25, 2019
Embarking on a new office fit out can feel like a daunting task. Between managing budgets, workflows and any staff concerns, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed while still trying to manage the everyday office tasks. With decades of experience, the team at Vestra are experts in commercial office design. Here are their top 5 hints to help you get an office fit out to meet your needs now, and in the future.

Think ahead

The workspace of the future is about more than just technology. It’s about engaging your people in a way that gives them freedom to connect, collaborate and produce work efficiently — while also boosting their morale. Creating an office space that merges design with rapidly changing technology can be a powerful way to inspire your team. Some popular and simple inclusions include: 

  • Sit/Stand electric desks, which promote incidental exercise and movement
  • High speed wi-fi mean smoother online and cloud activities
  • Zoned areas, such as quiet spaces for deep and focused work
  • Communal areas to encourage spontaneity, collaboration and fun

At Vestra we understand how a well-informed office design can foster a healthier, happier and more productive workplace.

Bring your brand to life

Your office isn’t just about a functional workspace. It’s a space where your business can express itself – to your team and your customers. By extending your business branding to include your corporate design and workspace you’re able to enjoy the benefits of:

  • A stronger brand position, which enhances your message
  • Increased perceived value from investors
  • Improved employee satisfaction
  • Standing out from your competitors
  • Greater customer satisfaction

A corporate design expert is your ally in reaping the benefits of branding. At Vestra we know how to best illustrate your company’s vision, mission and values in a way that brings your office to life and helps to fortify your brand identity with your target market.

Green design is in and it’s here to stay

Green design and green offices sound like buzzwords, but they’re fast becoming important factors in office fit outs – and for good reason. Many businesses are starting to realise the environmental, social and economic benefits of environmentally sustainable design (ESD).

Integrating sustainability into your office design — which makes the most of natural light, living walls and green outlooks — boosts your corporate image and improves the wellbeing of your employees, helping to make you a sought-after employer and supplier.

At Vestra we have a comprehensive understanding and appreciation of the Green Star sustainability rating system, which is an internationally recognised framework for best practice benchmarks in sustainability and take pride in including those principles in office fitouts Sydney.

Employee health and wellness

The physical, emotional and social wellbeing of your team is everything. Your people are integral to helping your business perform, so it makes sense to prioritise their health and wellbeing in your office design. At Vestra we regularly incorporate healthy design into workspace fit outs that:

  • Integrate the outdoors with the indoors: Sunlight boosts worker productivity, morale and wellbeing.
  • Encourage activity: Sedentary lifestyles are a leading cause of chronic health problems, which is why many businesses now want to their workspaces designed in ways that encourage their people to regularly move during the day.
  • Promote relaxation: Chronic stress and burnout actually result in poor levels of productivity. By incorporating design ideas like café-inspired seating can help encourage people to take regular breaks, which helps them to recharge, sharpen their focus and boost their productivity. 
  • Take noise and acoustics into consideration: Excessive noise, especially in open planned office designs, can have a negative effect on people’s health, wellbeing and performance at work. Designing an office space with noise and acoustics in mind helps to keep staff comfortable and productive.
  • Are mindful of materials: Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are in almost everything, including paint, carpet and office equipment. They can cause headaches, fatigue and impair cognitive ability – making it harder to concentrate and perform. Good workplace design will take VOCs exposure into account and is a must in protecting your staff and promoting productivity.

Factoring account employee health and wellbeing in your workplace design can make your office more inviting, comfortable and productive with less sickness and absenteeism.

A thorough workplace design strategy will support your business’s overall goals and can help identify the best ways of working to improve efficiency, productivity and ultimately improving revenue and profitability.

Consider your workplace strategy

At Vestra we’re experts in understanding your business and creating a workplace design strategy to make the most of your office design. Together, we look at:

  • Your business goals
  • Office space utilisation and design
  • Employee talent 
  • Workplace technology
  • Current and future business needs

Considering the costs associated with fit outs and office design, it makes sense to engage a workplace designer with extensive experience in workplace strategy so you can get the most out of your new office space.


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