Best Design Elements to Optimise Productivity in the Workspace 

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October 2, 2023

Best Design Elements to Optimise Productivity in Sydney Workspaces

Productivity is essential for success in every industry. How you approach commercial office design can make a big impact on how you empower your team to do their best work. Creating commercial interiors that encourage the right balance of focus, collaboration and fun help get the best out of employees, as does creating spaces that are enjoyable to be in and support their health and wellbeing.

At Vestra, our team of commercial interior designers have extensive experience executing commercial interior fit out projects in Sydney that boost productivity through clever design. With the right approach, you can create work spaces that improve job satisfaction while supporting your company’s mission and vision. Here are three ways you can enhance productivity through design.

 1. Diverse Work Spaces 

In today’s modern offices, every individual has their own style of working. More importantly, how they work can vary depending on the time or the particular project. Providing a variety of work spaces gives employees a feeling of autonomy and comfort in their workspace. For example:

Traditional work desks in an open plan space

Quiet, secluded work spaces for deep, focused work

Meeting rooms and spaces for brain storms and collaborative work

Lounge areas for more laid back work

Enabling staff to work from the type of space in which they feel most productive can generate powerful results. Including these diverse work spaces in your commercial office design also encourages more incidental movement and activity throughout the day. This helps staff retain focus on energy levels throughout the day compared to a static desk space.

2. Intuitive Design

Intuitive design in the workplace is all about creating a free flowing work environment that provides employees with what they need. This includes easily accessible amenities, like coffee and tea, so they don’t have to leave to spend time sourcing them. Other simple examples include having plenty of powerpoints and outlets for charging devices.

Technology is another important part of intuitive commercial interior design. Ensure your workspace has tech-enabled meeting rooms for video calls with remote clients, partners or team members. Performing routine tasks, like printing, making phone calls in a quiet space, or booking a meeting room should be simple and stress-free, allowing staff to be as productive as possible. Your workspace should also have a tech person (or team) staff can easily contact to help fix any issues.

3. More Connected Workplaces

With remote working more common than ever, it’s worth thinking about the benefits a traditional workplace offers. For many, it’s a sense of connection and a shared mission that increased productivity and job fulfillment. With that in mind, ensure your commercial interiors and overall work environment is welcoming and offers opportunities for peers to connect.

Providing newer employees the opportunity to be around experienced peers means that they can benefit from informal learning experiences that occur organically in face-to-face working environments. Productivity is strongly aligned with happiness and motivation derived from the feeling of doing meaningful work. Reinforce your company mission with features like digital signage that showcases previous projects or feature walls with case studies.

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