Best Workstations for Commercial Interiors in Sydney

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May 16, 2023

Best Workstations for Commercial Interiors in Sydney

When it comes to creating commercial work spaces that are functional, aesthetically pleasing and promote productivity, quality desks are a crucial component. This humble piece of furniture serves as the hub for daily work tasks while also reflecting the style, character and culture of a business.

At Vestra, we’re the experts in commercial fitouts Sydney organisations turn to for advice on desks, office layout and all other aspects of office design. We specialise in delivering cohesive commercial office design projects for organisations in a range of industries. Below, we look at some of the most important considerations when choosing desks for commercial interiors.

Size and Form

The perfect office desks should offer a trifecta of comfort, durability and functionality. They should offer ample space for all work essentials like computers, monitors, phones, coffee cups and notepads without cluttering individual work spaces. The appropriate desk size often depends on the specific work activities taking place and the available space.

Adding L-shaped desks in corners in addition is an excellent way to optimise workspace design and add to the amount of usable space in a room. These desks may be set aside for staff who need more surface space to work with, such as designers or employees who regularly collaborate with others at their workstation. If you have more room, you can opt for larger desks with multiple work surfaces to create a flexible office design with a collaborative feel.

Desk Accessories

Don’t forget to consider other accessories, additional features and other workspace design approaches that can add space and functionality to individual work stations. This includes screen partitions, desk dividers, cable management system, whiteboards, monitor arms and screen mounts.


Create a healthier, happier office by considering ergonomic desks. Slumping over our keyboards all day long can have a big impact on productivity, energy levels and long-term health. Solutions like sit/stand desks are becoming increasingly affordable and go a long way towards communicating your organisation’s commitment to staff health.

Reception Desk Furniture

If you have a reception area, it’s typically the first thing visitors will see when they enter your office. This makes it worthwhile to invest in an aesthetically pleasing reception that makes a good impression and sets the right tone for your organisation. Whether it’s tall timber with stylish branding or vertical plant life incorporated into it to L-shaped, U-shaped and curved, there is a range of options available to make an impact.

Conference Room Furniture

Meeting rooms or conference rooms in commercial spaces are important hubs that facilitate future planning, collaboration and sharing of innovative and bright ideas. Getting the right desk for this space is key to maximising the functionality of this important room. Depending on your organisational culture and available space, you can opt for a traditional rectangular table or an oval or round table for a more collaborative, flexible office design that puts everyone on equal footing.

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