Checklist of Work Activities for Your Office Fitout

Office Fitouts
January 28, 2024

The fitting out of your office is a strategic upgrade to the operational heart of your business, especially in Sydney, where every square meter counts. You can use this checklist to carefully align your workplace design with the day-to-day flow of the workplace, covering everything from collaboration to private booths, ensuring that every facet of your office interior design is crafted to support, inspire and empower.


The Ultimate Office Fitout in Sydney Checklist

Here are the steps you need to follow for the ideal office fit out:

Office Furniture

  • Ergonomic seating solutions for prolonged comfort.
  • Modular desks adaptable for staff meetings and individual tasks.
  • Storage solutions that complement hot desking efficiency.

Space Planning

  • Privacy booths for confidential work or calls.
  • Walkways that meet accessibility standards.
  • Collaborative zones designed for teamwork.
  • Audio-visual rooms outfitted with the latest technology.

3D Visuals

  • Render media and photography rooms in 3D.
  • Visualise breakout and reception areas for optimal flow.

Office Layout & Design

  • Hybrid spaces that accommodate various working styles.
  • Functional kitchen/break rooms for downtime.
  • Industry-specific areas tailored to specialised tasks.

Cost Estimation and Budgeting:

  • Detailed cost breakdown for each design element.
  • Contingency planning for unforeseen expenses.

Technology Integration:

  • Innovative office systems for climate and lighting control.
  • High-speed internet infrastructure planning.

Environmental Considerations:

  • Selection of sustainable materials.
  • Energy-efficient appliances and fixtures

Legal Requirements

  • Compliance with all current safety regulations.
  • Accessibility features as per legal codes.

Finalising the Office Design

  • Tech server placements that don’t impede movement.
  • Visitor areas that are welcoming and brand-compliant.
  • Design elements that reflect company values and culture.


Bonus: The Role of Art in the Office Interior Design

The type of art chosen for a business often reflects its brand personality, industry and the message it wishes to convey to both employees and clients:

  • Corporate and Finance: Art can be classic and conservative in these sectors, such as abstract canvases in muted tones or impressive sculptures in common areas that convey stability and confidence.
  • Creative Industries: Advertising, media or design firms should opt for bold and contemporary pieces, like pop art, avant-garde installations or digital art displays that signify innovation and creative thinking.
  • Technology Companies: Tech spaces might incorporate kinetic art or interactive pieces that highlight their cutting-edge ethos and focus on user engagement.
  • Legal and Consulting Firms: Such environments are better with historical prints or landscape paintings that suggest tradition, reliability and professionalism.


Why Create An Office Fit Out Checklist?

An office fit out checklist serves as the foundation for a successful refurbishment. It aligns your office design with the diverse needs of your workforce, from daily staff collaborations to hosting business visitors. This meticulous approach to planning your interior office design is key to creating a space that embodies efficiency, comfort and your company’s unique character.


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