Residential Interior Design vs Commercial Interior Design

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September 18, 2023

Residential Interior Design vs Commercial Interior Design in Sydney

Finding the right commercial interior designers plays an essential role in the success of your new office fit out. Each designer approaches projects in their own unique way, from how they source furniture to how they collaborate with clients to create a layout that reflects the unique culture of your business.

The experienced commercial interior designers at Vestra create people-centric commercial interiors for new office fit out and refurbishment projects in Sydney, with designs that are functional, attractive and support how your team does their work. Below, we take a closer look at how this approach differs from residential interior design.

Design Philosophy for Commercial Interiors

While considerations around flow and layout are important for both residential and commercial office design, the latter requires a particular focus on user experience over personal design preferences. Commercial office design must consider user experience for a greater range of individuals and scenarios, from day-to-day staff to customers and other visitors to the space.

Considerations should include where to place meeting rooms, collaborative working spaces, the reception/foyer, break areas and spaces for quiet, focused work. How will staff move around and use each space? What are the requirements for each area in terms of technology needs, lighting and noise proofing? Should you include signage to help newer employees and visitors?

Materials, Colours and Styling

Commercial interiors are designed to empower employees and create a more productive and positive working environment. This involves incorporating elements like lighting and colours that boost energy and mood levels along with live indoor plants and ergonomic furniture. Materials are selected to achieve the right balance of aesthetic appeal and durability, while being easy to clean, sanitise and maintain.

Brand Identity

Commercial office design must also reflect your unique brand and company culture to motivate and inspire your team as well as make an impact on any clients, partners and other stakeholders who visit the space. This includes incorporating logos, colour schemes and other design features into commercial interiors that reflect the brand mission and philosophy of the business.


While some businesses, like a digital media company, may want to opt for a more colourful, fun and relaxed vibe, a legal firm or financial consultancy may prefer to opt for a more serious, traditionally professional interior styling.

Compliance and Accessibility

Another essential part of the commercial office design process is ensuring safety, accessibility and compliance with building codes. Since a larger number of people, often including the public, may use the space, understanding how to properly design around fire/emergency exits, windows and stairwells are essential. Commercial interiors must also be designed to support accessibility for wheelchair users and other individuals with limited mobility.  

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