Top 5 Must Haves for an Office Fitout Sydney

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August 9, 2023

5 Must Haves for Office Fitouts Sydney Businesses Should Consider

During an office fit out, there’s a lot to consider from determining your budget and finding the right space to designing the ideal layout. At Vestra, we help organisations in Sydney across a range of industries with tailored commercial interior design and office fit out services. 

In many cases, we find that designing a beautiful and functional office is dependent on your industry, organisational culture, number of staff and scope of activities. However, there are a few ‘must haves’ for every business to consider in their next office fit out.

1. Active and Ergonomic Furniture

Sitting in one position for long periods of time at work can impact our productivity and energy levels while being harmful to our health and wellbeing. Including ergonomic office furniture in your commercial fitout and a layout that encourages incidental movement helps support a more lively and healthy space for all workers. 

Workers with desk jobs are susceptible to developing various musculoskeletal disorders from lower back pain and hernias to carpal tunnel syndrome. There is a range of ergonomic furniture options for commercial spaces to support better health while improving productivity, including adjustable sit/stand desks and kneeling chairs, exercise ball chairs and even desk treadmills.

2. Quality Air Conditioning Systems

It’s important to get the simple, important things right. Alongside lighting, furniture and technology, a quality balanced air conditioning system is another feature that ranks highly on the list of essentials for all commercial office fit outs. An AC system that maintains a comfortable temperature and humidity level while equipped with a filtration system that circulates clean air and keeps harmful pollutants at bay is essential.

3. Integrated Smart Technology

There is a range of innovative technology solutions that can contribute to a more productive workplace. Smart boards can replace traditional white boards and wireless chargers for mobile devices make life easier. Motion sensors for wash areas and toilets can improve hygiene while modern audio visual systems can be controlled remotely using devices, adding a new level of convenience. 

4. Coffee Machine

Another one of the great simple additions to include in commercial office fit outs is a good quality coffee machine. This helps keep employees motivated, productive and happy while eliminating the need to leave the office to get coffee elsewhere. It’s also great to be able to offer clients, partners and other visitors a quality cup of coffee when they visit your business. 

5. Greenery and Biophilic Design

Including potted indoor plants and other green features like vertical gardens reduce stress levels in the workplace while improving productivity and general wellbeing. You can also utilise an approach called biophilic design, which includes other natural elements, such as: 

Natural materials like timber and stone

● Water features like small fountains and ponds

● Relaxing earth-tone colours

● Textures and imagery that elicit the feeling of nature.

Using the principles of biophilic design in a commercial fitout can further boost the benefits of incorporating nature into our office spaces. 

Beautiful and Functional Office Fit Outs in Sydney

Vestra are the experts in commercial fitouts Sydney organisations can rely on for beautiful, functional designs that help employees to do their best work. Our clients include legal firms and digital media companies as well as government departments and more.

Browse our range of commercial interior design projects or contact our team today to get started on your new office fit out.


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