Avoid these when shortlisting fit out companies for your project

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April 30, 2020
Choosing the right office fit out company sydney for your next project is a big investment decision. You’ll want to partner with someone who’ll not only deliver on time and within budget, but who’ll produce a quality finish that you’ll be proud to have representing your business and brand. If you’re currently shortlisting fit out companies to help with your next project, here’s what we think you should consider before you take the plunge.

They don’t take the time to get to know you

Every office fit out is different. Experienced fit out companies will take the time to know you and your business now, and where you’re hoping to go in the future. A good fit out company knows that the right design will reflect your business brand and help your team get the most from their workspace.

They rush through the planning stage

Planning is everything when it comes to designing an office space that meets all your needs. If your fit out company doesn’t take the time to help you choose the right design, layout, furnishings and fittings it could end up cost you more in structural changes and time down the track.

They don’t give you a compressive written scope for your project

This is a big red flag.

A good fit out company will identify the scope of work, provide an itemised quote, give you a time frame for completion (including building milestones) and specify the payment terms — all upfront, so there’s never any nasty surprises.

They can’t show you a solid portfolio of their work

Ok, just because someone hasn’t done something before doesn’t mean they can’t do it now. But a reputable fit out company will have been delivering office refurbishments for many years. There’s real peace of mind when you choose a company that can show you what they’ve delivered in the past. (Oh and here’s a little extra bonus: the really good office fit out company sydney will even be happy to arrange for you to speak to their past clients and show you around real life projects they’ve completed.)

They can’t show you the necessary licenses, insurance policies and safety standards

This is self-explanatory. Having proof of licenses and insurance policies means you know they understand about compliance and safety issues. A good fit out company will be able to show you these things, meaning your project is covered should anything go wrong.

They have rigid ideas about the end result

If an office fit out company doesn’t allow for any collaboration between you and their team, you should reconsider choosing them for your project. By staying open to your ideas, creating a space for open communication and the sharing of ideas means you’re more likely to end up with a result that meets all your business needs now, and into the future.

They don’t have dedicated project management specialists

If an office fit out company sydney doesn’t have a project manager for each build, or only subcontracts, then you’re facing an uphill battle when it comes to coordinating all of the relevant trades to work together, in harmony and to deadline. A lack of proper project management also means you run the risk of the build running over time and over budget.

The don’t have a dedicated design team

A great office space is more than some partitions and desks. There’s a real art to designing a space that flows, is harmonious, can boost your team’s mental wellbeing and productivity. A dedicated office fit out design team are specialists in the area of office spaces and will know how to bring the unique qualities of your brand into life.

They don’t look at your long-term business plans

A good office fit out company sydney doesn’t just build you something to fit in with your business now, but they create a space that’s flexible enough for your team to grow into. A specialist office fit out company sydney will want to know where your business is going in the future and they’ll want to make sure the design reflects your goals.

Vestra are different

We’re a full-service office fit out company sydney with expert planners, designers, project managers and builders who have been designing custom high-end commercial workspaces for discerning clients in the Sydney CBD.

We take the time to get to know you, have smooth processes, and a solid portfolio.


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