The Most Functional Workplace Design Trends in Australia

Functional boardroom desk

Welcome to Vestra’s comprehensive guide on the most functional design trends shaping Australia’s modern workspaces. As a trusted leader in modular office furniture and fitouts, we are passionate about functional design trends in contemporary commercial spaces. After all, in today’s competitive business landscape, creating a functional and adaptable workspace is essential for driving productivity, enhancing […]

Best Modern Design Trends for Your Office Fitout in Sydney

Modern Office Design Lighting

As a reputable leader in Sydney’s sustainable design office fitouts, Vestra brings you the best modern office design trends for improved functionality and workplace productivity. We are passionate about creating stunning spaces to work and grow, with careful consideration of lighting, flooring, furnishings, branding and IT solutions. Check out our ultimate guide on transforming your […]

Checklist of Work Activities for Your Office Fitout

Woman in modern office kitchen design by Vestra

The fitting out of your office is a strategic upgrade to the operational heart of your business, especially in Sydney, where every square meter counts. You can use this checklist to carefully align your workplace design with the day-to-day flow of the workplace, covering everything from collaboration to private booths, ensuring that every facet of […]

Why to Use an Office Fit Out Company to Create Your Workplace

Have you ever wondered why some workspaces in Sydney buzz with energy and innovation? The secret lies in their design. This is where an office fitout company steps in, shaping the future of work one space at a time. With fit out companies like Vestra, you can collaborate, innovate and work more efficiently. Let’s discover […]

Inspiration for Ceilings and Flooring in Commercial Interiors

Office with industrial ceiling and wooden floors.

The ceiling and the floor are often the first things noticed upon entering a commercial space and the silent foundation of your business’s physical presence. They also frame the essence of your office interior design, providing an opportunity for innovation. This Vestra blog explores ceilings and commercial flooring ideas in Sydney CBD office interiors.   […]

Design to Maximise Your Commercial Fit Out Space

meeting rooms in modern office fitout

In the bustling heart of Sydney, space is a premium commodity and making the most of it is necessary to ensure you are using the space to its full potential. Discover how we at Vestra transform even the most compact commercial spaces into spaces for productivity and creativity. Smart Storage for Smart Spaces When it […]

How to Rate Your Current Office Fitout

Trendy open plan office with employees at workstations

Your office is a productivity engine, a brand ambassador and a second home to your team, but is your current office fitout harnessing its full potential? In this Vestra blog, we examine your Sydney CBD workspace under the microscope and reveal how a well-thought-out office design can elevate your business operations, reflect your company culture […]

Sustainable Design for a Commercial Fitout in Sydney

Step into the future of corporate spaces with Vestra, where sustainability is celebrated in our fitouts. In the heart of Sydney, a city that pulses with innovation, your office can stand as a testament to ecological responsibility and convenience. Our mission is to revolutionise how offices are built and perceived, ensuring that each design decision […]

Let Your Brand & Culture Reflect in Your Commercial Fitout

Vestra office kitchenette

In the bustling heart of Sydney CBD, where every building tells a story, your office space is a narrative of your brand’s journey. At Vestra, we translate your company’s ethos into a commercial fitout that’s a place of business and a canvas of your culture and values. It’s time to let the interior office design […]

Benefits of a Feature Wall in the Office 

Feature Wall in the Office

Benefits of a Feature Wall in Your Office in Sydney The layout, furniture and overall decor play an important role in the functionality and visual appeal of a work space. Taking your commercial interior design beyond a blank white box to a modern and vibrant space motivates employees while impressing clients and other visitors to […]