4 Architecture Trends for New Sydney Office Spaces

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June 23, 2023

4 Architecture Trends for New Sydney Office Spaces

Commercial interior design need not be dull and lifeless. In fact, many organisations across the world are constantly looking for new ways to bring in more exciting architectural elements into their commercial interiors.

As passionate commercial interior designers, this is something the team at Vestra love helping organisations in Sydney with. Below, we take a look at some of the architecture trends that inject excitement into your commercial office design.

1. Contrasting Design Elements

Combining contrasting elements is becoming another popular way of creating impactful interior office designs. Mixing classic design elements, for example, such as wooden office furniture with more modern elements like polished concrete flooring.

Other approaches include adding pops of colour with brightly coloured chairs or sofas or incorporating interesting patterns in furniture or interior walls. Balancing contrasting elements is essential to find a perfect mixture that creates interest but isn’t too loud or distracting.

2. Feature Walls

Gone are the days where office spaces are plain, stark white or grey colours. Instead, modern office designs are opting to use wall coverings that display colours, materials or patterns that create additional design interest. There is a range of different approaches available depending on your preferences. Accent walls can replace a single white wall in a room, providing a burst of colour without overwhelming the entire space.

Other options include:

  • Geometric patterns
  • Artistic murals
  • Landscape scenery
  • Abstract shapes
  • Floral patterns
  • Printed designs
  • Textures or faux finishes
  • Corporate imagery

Feature walls can add visual interest in your commercial office design and even utilise colour psychology to promote creativity, excitement, relaxation or calm. An easy, hassle free way of adding a feature wall is using peel and stick wallpaper. This allows you to experiment with your commercial interior design, trying out a range of bold colours or patterns without it being a permanent commitment.

3. Vertical Gardens

Another great way of enhancing walls and adding a softer touch to your commercial interiors is with living walls. These interior vertical gardens take a more interesting approach to the inclusion of indoor plants in the office. Instead of a few potted plants, you can turn an entire wall into a vibrant, living, breathing space.

Vertical gardens save space while also offering a number of additional benefits associated with indoor greenery. This includes improved air quality, noise absorption and improved health and wellbeing for all staff. You can really stand out from the crowd by incorporating your logo or lettering within the vertical garden, which looks great in reception areas.

4. Curves

Those looking to achieve a unique, ethereal commercial interior fit out can explore adding curves. This includes rounded desks, lounges and other furniture and even interior walls. One creative way to incorporate this is with curved glass conference rooms. This is an approach makes for a bold and truly dynamic looking office that eliminates the monotony of long office hallways.

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