Benefits of a Feature Wall in the Office 

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October 23, 2023

Benefits of a Feature Wall in Your Office in Sydney

The layout, furniture and overall decor play an important role in the functionality and visual appeal of a work space. Taking your commercial interior design beyond a blank white box to a modern and vibrant space motivates employees while impressing clients and other visitors to your space. Adding a feature wall is one way of creating visual interest without overwhelming the look and feel of the entire office.

At Vestra, our commercial interior designers help businesses in Sydney create beautiful and functional work spaces using additions like feature walls to create harmony, play and fun in the workspace. Below are some different ideas for approaching the design of a feature wall during an office fit out depending on the culture and visual style of the business.

Art Mural Feature Wall

There’s a reason why we prefer to have art in our homes instead of plain blank walls. The same reasons apply for commercial interiors. A colourful, engaging piece of art can be calming, centring, increase focus, spark creativity and boost our mood. Why not replace one of the blank walls in your office with a large, custom mural? With abstract colours, patterns, doodle characters, images of landscapes and creative takes on maps and geography, the options are endless.

Branded Feature Wall

Another approach is to incorporate corporate branding into a feature wall. Taking a similar approach to website design for your company, you can include logos, colour schemes, collateral, advertising messages and other aspects of your look and feel into a feature wall in your office space. This is a great way of showcasing your brand while providing team cohesion and impressing any visitors to the office space, especially if the feature wall is prominently displayed in the reception or foyer area.

Plant Feature Wall

Adding greenery to your commercial interiors looks great, has a relaxing effect and boosts focus, concentration and overall staff health and wellbeing. A vertical garden or a moss covered feature wall is a visually striking and dramatic way of benefiting from including indoor plants in the office. The plants used for these feature walls are very low maintenance, making it easy to bring the delights of nature into the workspace.

Whiteboard or Blackboard Feature Wall

A giant blackboard or whiteboard is another fantastic way of adding a feature wall to your office while providing an opportunity for collaboration, fun and functionality. Staff can brainstorm ideas or leave notices, notes and motivational messages for the whole team. These feature walls can also incorporate branding and existing artwork while creating a functional, creative focal point for the office. The ability to change up what’s on the feature wall regularly helps keep the office environment fresh and exciting.

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