How to Make a Commercial Fit Out Employee-Friendly.

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September 4, 2023

How to Make a Commercial Fit Out Employee-Friendly in Sydney

Investing in the physical, emotional and social wellbeing of your team goes a long way towards boosting productivity, job satisfaction and creating a positive work environment. Your employees are integral to the success of your business, so it makes perfect sense to keep them front of mind when planning an office fit out. Vestra is a Sydney based commercial fitout company that specialises in incorporating healthy design into new offices. Below are some of the ways your business can embrace employee-friendly design. 

Integrate Nature

Bring the outdoors in with commercial interior design approaches that integrate nature. This includes maximising natural light through strategically designed floor plans and adding indoor plants and exciting green features like vertical gardens. Sunlight and nature go a long way towards boosting worker productivity, morale, energy and wellbeing, all while providing wide aesthetic appeal. 

Promote Relaxation 

Chronic stress and burnout is increasing among workers in a range of industries, resulting in poor levels of productivity. Incorporating design ideas like lounge areas and café-inspired seating in your office fit out can help team members enjoy their breaks so they can recharge, sharpen their focus and boost their productivity.


Improve employee wellbeing with simple additions like a boiling/cold water tap, a good coffee machine, storage space and other amenities that provide convenience and make the work environment a little more homely. We take destressing and recharging to the next level with commercial office fit outs that include game zones with table tennis or a pool table.

Manage Noise 

Excessive noise, particularly in open planned office designs, can have a negative effect on work performance, stress and employee wellbeing. A commercial fitout with noise and acoustics kept in mind helps maintain comfort and productivity in the workplace. Solutions range from noise absorbing walls and dividers to quiet rooms for deep concentration, privacy and individual work.  

Encourage Activity  

Sedentary lifestyles are one of the leading causes of chronic health problems. Sitting all day long in static work spaces also negatively impacts productivity and mood which is why many businesses are approaching commercial interior design in ways that encourage their team to regularly move during the day. This includes adding ergonomic furniture like adjustable sit/stand desks and designing the office layout in a way that promotes incidental exercise and movement. 

Reduce Indoor Air Pollution 

No matter what kind of chair you include in your commercial interiors, you should aim to avoid sitting in it all day at work. Another ergonomic alternative is standing desks. Standing in one spot for long periods can become strenuous, however, so providing the option for both is ideal. 

By installing stand-up desks that are easily adjustable during your commercial interior fit out, you can offer staff the best of both worlds. This means you can incorporate both sitting and standing throughout your work day depending on what suits your current energy level and tasks. 

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